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Title suggested
list price
Angela J. Aguayo and Timothy R. Steffensmeier
Readings on Argumentation
ISBN: 9781891136207
2008 / 437 pages / paperback
Maurine H. Beasley and Sheila J. Gibbons
Taking Their Place: A Documentary History of Women and Journalism, 2 ed.
ISBN: 9781891136078
2003 / 336 pages / paperback
R. Thomas Berner
The Literature of Journalism: Text and Context
ISBN: 9781891136009
1999 / 288 pages / paperback
Carl R. Burgchardt and Hillary A. Jones
Readings in Rhetorical Criticism, 5 ed.
ISBN: 9781891136368 
2017 / 704 pages / paperback
Stephen Olbrys Gencarella and Phaedra C. Pezzullo
Readings on Rhetoric and Performance
ISBN: 9781891136252
2010 / 461 pages / paperback
Dan F. Hahn
Political Communication: Rhetoric, Government, and Citizens, 2 ed.
ISBN: 9781891136085
2003 / 352 pages / paperback
Judith Hendry
Communication and the Natural World
ISBN: 9781891136245
2010 / 320 pages / paperback
James A. Herrick
Argumentation: Understanding and Shaping Arguments, 6 ed.
ISBN: 9781891136429
2019 / 314 pages / paperback
Charles E. Morris III and Stephen Howard Browne
Readings on the Rhetoric of Social Protest, 3 ed.
ISBN: 9781891136306
2013 / 544 pages / paperback


Catherine Helen Palczewski, Richard Ice, and John Fritch
Rhetoric in Civic Life, 2 ed.
2016 / 320 pages / paperback
Kenneth Rystrom
The Why, Who and How of the Editorial Page,
4 ed.
ISBN: 9781891136092
2004 / 400 pages / paperback
Theodore F. Sheckels, Janette Kenner Muir,
Terry Robertson, and Lisa Gring-Pemble
Readings on Political Communication
ISBN: 9781891136184
2007 / 528 pages / paperback
Thomas L. Tedford and Dale A. Herbeck
Freedom of Speech in the United States, 8 ed.
ISBN: 9781891136399
2017 / 486 pages / paperback



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